Dolphin, Manatee and Bird Watching

There’s nothing more fun than gazing at Dolphin cruising along and oftentimes doing a whoop whoop or two in the water. We might even entice a few to make spectacular jumps off our boat wake. 

Manatees, also known as sea cows, like to munch on seagrass. We’ll head to some of the grass flats to view these gentle giants in their environment. Being pretty curious, they may even surface right by our boat to extend a friendly “Hey Mon!” with their whiskered faces and inquisitive eyes.


We’ll also see some very cool birds including Osprey, Cormorants, Pelicans, Egrets  and maybe even a Frigate bird or Bald Eagle or two. With your friends or the family, enjoy refreshments provided by Hey Mon or bring your own. A few hours of seeking out these magnificent creatures will create a treasure chest of memories.  

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