Sally Rogers' Fabulous Fish Recipe January 12 2014, 4 Comments

This recipe is a Rogers' family favorite.  Made by Sally Rogers, Captain Peter's mom, when Bob Rogers, Peter's dad, would come in with his catch off the Gulf.  Made with any firm fleshed white fish, it is a meal in a dish.  Just be careful on spinach quantities - too little and it wilts to nothing, too much and the sauce will be soupy.  Half a large bag is probably a good starting point.

Hope you enjoy it as much as the Rogers' boys and all our friends have enjoyed it!

Fish over Fresh Spinach with White Wine, Capers and Mustard Sauce

• Prep Time: 15 minutes    

• Cooking Time: 15 minutes       

• Servings: 4 Generous


4 - 5     medium Fish Fillets. Enough to cover the bottom of a traditional 9” X 12” baking dish

1          bag of fresh spinach leaves.

1          smidgen of olive oil


1/3       cup of mayonnaise. (Substitute low cal mayo for reduced calorie dish)

3          tablespoons of dry white wine

3          teaspoons of dry or wet mustard

4          tablespoons of melted butter (Substitute low fat butter for reduced calorie dish)

1/2       jar (3.5 – 4 oz.) of Capers (Non pareil)



• Heat Oven to 350 degrees F.

• Prepare sauce in a mixing bowl. (Make sure it’s not too runny)

• Rub the inside of a 9” X 12” (2 quart) baking dish with olive oil

• Lay down multiple layers of fresh spinach leaves. (Be generous because we know they wilt down!)

• Completely cover the spinach with one layer of fish fillets

• With a spatula, generously layer sauce over all of the fish fillets.

• Put into the oven for approximately 15 minutes or until the fish is cooked through and flaky white.

Serve with the rest of the white wine you have left from the recipe. Also, serve with a nice fresh salad and garlic butter sliced French bread. Use the bread for dipping in oh-so-good sauce.