Happy Holidays From Sanibel December 17 2022, 0 Comments

Order up Some Cheer and Be Cool, Mon!

To prance through life with no twists and turns would certainly be unlikely and frankly, a little dull and boring. Right now, down here on Sanibel Island, the sleigh ride ain’t good, it ain’t bad — but it’s weird. During the day, there’s the hustle and bustle of stuff going on everywhere. And the giant FEMA trucks that are tasked with getting all the debris cleared from every nook and cranny, are in constant motion. As the sun sets, the islands go very still. Throughout the streets and neighborhoods, a single set of lights might be seen lit up in a home among every thirty or forty that are abandoned.

Each house has its own story and it’s up in the air whether they are going to be rebuilt or leveled. There are a few hearty souls like us, who have challenged the Christmas Grinch, and have put up Christmas lights. They have provided a nice sense of peace and beauty in these challenging times. Wish they worked during the daylight. Among the few businesses that are open, several restaurants close at 7:00 PM each night. Along Periwinkle Way, the main drag of Sanibel, it kind of looks like the main street of a windswept prairie ghost town. Except the tumbling sage brush has been replaced by bent over foliage and palm fronds. It seems like only yesterday that Holiday fever was rampant. Luminaries were lining the streets, open houses offered treats galore and guests visiting from all over the globe were smiling and laughing. Yep, the islands were magical. It was one of those places you’d longingly stare at in a snow globe.

Can we bring all this back? Of course! And what better way to kick things off than getting in the Hey Mon spirit.

Out With The Old. In with the New — Hey Mon Gear ’23! ORDER NOW!!!!!!!
In addition to our popular Hey Mon trucker’s hats, we are offering our new

hooded full length bait shirts. We’ve added the hoods to our current popular full length shirts. They are perfect for adding a little more cover-up while out on the beach or going to watch the next hockey game. And kids love them for that layered effect. One other fine feature of this Hey Mon gear is a portion of the proceeds collected will be donated to the Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge and C.R.O.W - The Center For Wildlife Rehabilitation here on the islands. We want to do our part to help support all of nature and the critters down here and we want you to be part of it.

We also want ordering shirts and hats to be as simple as a sliding down a chimney. Regardless of size and quantities, the new Hey Mon hooded bait shirts are $59 each and our hats, $24 each. And to add further seamlessness, there is no charge for freight and handling. We’ll just ship ‘em when the orders fly in via, phone, email, text, whatever. As far as paying-up, we are in the process of setting up credit card payments. In the meantime, if you want stuff fast, give us a shout and we’ll take a check or do Zelle, whichever is easiest. While delivery of your shirts won’t happen before Santa arrives on the 25th, we are set-up to do shipments starting on 12/26.

Special Note: If you would like to give shirts or hats for Christmas, we’ll e-mail Hey Mon gift card(s) to you. Just email or text Mrs. Claus with your email address and the recipients delivery address (no POs) and she'll get you set-up!

Text: 612-867-5366;  Email:Barb@heymonsanibel.com.

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